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12th International Battery, Solar and Lead Recycling Exhibition & Seminar

Dec 24, 2016

Ⅰ. Introduction: 

POWER ON Trade Show is India's largest and pioneer Battery and Solar Exhibition and technical conference organized by Shivam Info in coordination with Battery Directory & Year Book, India's most read battery  and sorlar business magazine since 1985 and Federation of Indian Small Scale Battery Associations. The event take pride in providing a common platform for all battery industry enthusiasts and solar mounting system manufacturers across the globe. POWER ON Gujrat provided us with an excellent opportunity to showcase solar mounting products and services to the battery world. This platform brings together all battery industry enthusiasts to share ideas on assessing the battery potential.

Ⅱ. Who Will Attend:

● Renewable Energy Systems 
● Solar Operated Equipments
● Lead Recycling Plants and Equipments Lead Acid Batteries
● Battery Making Machineries
● Electrical Vehicles Environmental Control Equipments and Devices
● Solar Inverters/ UPS Battery Testing Equipments
● Battery & Battery Plate Chargers Battery Plate
● Solar Mounting product suppliers