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Application Scheme of Green Photovoltaic Carport for Solar Power Generation

Dec 08, 2016

Application Scheme of Green Photovoltaic Carport for Solar Power Generation


With the widespread application and promotion of photovoltaic power generation, people's growing awareness of environmental protection, photovoltaic power more and more into our daily lives. Photovoltaic cabins come into being, the PV modules and roof together, than in the carport at the top of the installation of PV modules to save the cost, not only to achieve all the functions of the traditional carport, in the beautification and upgrading of the environment while generating electricity to the owners Bring benefits.


Photovoltaic carport generally use steel frame, simple, generous, stylish, beautiful, and clean and environmentally friendly new energy, effectively alleviate the social environment and energy pressure. Solar green carport can be constructed according to local conditions, beautiful appearance, make full use of the energy from the sun to form electricity supply, and can be used in close connection with electric vehicles, by more and more enterprises, commercial institutions and consumers.


Photovoltaic car shed, solar carport

Carport Photovoltaic power generation applications are also divided into photovoltaic off-grid energy storage, photovoltaic grid-connected power generation, photovoltaic and off-grid power generation according to customers' needs. Carport PV off-grid storage power generation generally take into account the user's original shed is not connected with the power distribution network, which means that the shed is often independent of the main building, the shed itself is not grid-powered, then the top of the PV off-grid storage series SMB very Appropriate shed energy storage power generation applications.


With the popularity of electric vehicles and battery cars, work to the cluster units to work when the need to charge the battery car, if the car after the installation of photovoltaic energy storage can be easily accessible electric car near the carport of photovoltaic applications, the use of photovoltaic green energy to electric Car to charge, truly a "green environment" to work cluster. When the PV power is enough to ensure that the load power supply, the DC voltage of the photovoltaic energy is boosted by the Boost module and then charged by the AC inverter to output the AC electric energy to the electric vehicle. At the same time, it also charges the battery. The surplus of photovoltaic power through the built-in rechargeable battery charging module to charge, built-in charging module with three intelligent charging mode to ensure sufficient battery power but also to ensure the battery to extend the working life of scientific charging.