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Can solar panels be mounted on a flat roof

Aug 30, 2017

Yes, of course solar panels can be mounted on flat roof. Not only that, there are many ways to mount solar panel on flat roof.

First, if you accept to fix the solar mount on roof directly, it will very easy. Just use expansion screw to fix the leg group (like sunforson fixed angle leg group, adjustable leg group, or triangle mount group), there will be some damage on roof, however, there are EPDM washer to protect the roof from water or rain, so no need to worry about the waterproof matters.

Second, if you don’t accept any damage on roof, you could pour concrete base as foundation, then to fix the mount with expansion as the above way. Besides, ballast solar mount will also be a good choice. Sunforson provides two different triangular mounts, with aluminum rail or without rail separately, these two mount comes with ballast aluminum frame, and you just need to pour some concrete block then put it on frame to fix the mount.

No matter you how to mount the solar panels on flat roof, sunforson could always customize a best solution to meet your demands.

Fixed mount.jpg

Flat roof concrete base solar mount

project photo 4 from Virideo.jpgSolar mount fixed on roof directly

Ballast triangle solar mount