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Can solar panels be mounted on the ground

Aug 09, 2017

Recently, some friends are curious, most of photovoltaic system are installed on the roof, can it also be mounted on the ground, how to install it?

The answer is, OF COURSE YES. In fact, many large-scale photovoltaic power stations are installed on the ground, and according to the terrain environment, soil composition, surface flatness, ground photovoltaic systems have a variety of installation methods, talk to here, let me show you the variety type of solar mounting system.

General concrete flat ground, we can use expansion screw to fix solar brackets feet group onto ground directly, and ballast solar support system is also a good type to avoid any damage to the ground. If it is soil or desert ground, you could pour concrete base as the foundation of solar panel mounting system, according to leg group spacing designed by engineers, to set the foundation site, and then use anchor bolts to fix solar structure leg group onto concrete base.


Fix on ground directly

concete base ground mount (2).jpg

Concrete base ground mount

SFS-PM-12 Pole Mounting .jpg

Solar ground pole mount

If the terrain is rather special, for example the mountain terrain, rugged ground, recommend to adopt solar pole mount, that install 4 or 6 pieces panels is most suitable for each single pole, this pole mount is a little higher relative to other solar mount type, but it is convenient, no terrain constraints , and like SunRack brand solar pole mount, which adopt cap design to combine the main beam with pole, the bracket can rotate in 360 degrees, the angle can also be adjusted according to the climate, very practical.

So now, we should know that the PV system can be installed on the ground, and no need to worry about the terrain, there is always a bracket type suitable for you.