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Classification of photovoltaic solar racks

Nov 28, 2016

Classification of photovoltaic stent structures

Inclined roof support: parallel to the roof slope

The main products components: rails, card pieces, linked to

Roof angle bracket: tilted at a certain angle with the roof

The main products components: rails, card pieces, the inclination of institutions

Roof ballast bracket: fixed by the clamp bracket, usually installed in the flat roof

BIPV: photovoltaic building integrated structure

Ground support: through the foundation, buried, etc., will be installed on the ground bracket

Pile type ground support: The type of ground support used to mount the column through the pile driver

Column support: single column to support the entire solar panel structure

Structure: a 1,2,3,4,6,8. . . Block to the ground floor column

Gazebo Bracket: Can be used as parking shed and resting place

Tracking bracket: through the electronic control system, so that support with the sun rotation and rotation, in order to obtain the maximum power of solar panels

Structure: can be divided into single-axis, oblique axis, biaxial

Product Analysis of Photovoltaic Stand

Orbit comparison:

Standard bolt-type rail: Used with standard bolt, inserted from the beginning of the installation

Diamond - shaped block track

Shaped block track: the use of aluminum extrusion profiles when the card block, you can insert from any position on the track