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Column PV solar mount support

Dec 07, 2016

Column PV solar mount support

In order to meet the installation requirements of the larger size of the battery components, and can be used in areas with high wind speed, the design of a ground reinforcement structure, the stent system can be adjusted according to the level of angle, the installation of the system does not require on-site welding , According to the assembly drawings provided by the bolt will be placed in the corresponding bolt hole which can be fully installed. Main features: Components area of 12.8 square meters; completely maintenance-free; high reliability, long life; power of 1.6 kilowatts; Mobile, the system fixed; can wind resistance ≥ 200 km / h; the price is reasonable.


Development of various accessories:

A: roof components series accessories.

Second: battery components folder series.

Three: T-type fasteners, such as screws series.

Four: various types of custom stamping parts.

Equipment components:

The entire production line of the school level, feeding / punching, molding, cutting and many other technologies in one of the production equipment.

The entire production line by the discharge system, punching system, forming system, cutting system, electronic control system and other components.