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Different types of roofs, solar photovoltaic installation methods are also different

Jan 26, 2018
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As the saying goes: what kind of pot with what kind of cover. Now it is not a magical thing to install PV on the roof. Is not all the PV installed on the roof the same? The answer is definitely no. The structure of the roof of the users is different and the installation area is different. The PV system design and installation will follow different. This article will introduce several common roof PV installation.

Judging roof construction conditions

1. The use of area: First, determine how many roof available area, because the available area directly determines the installed capacity of the photovoltaic system. Second, the orientation of the roof, the roof is best to face south, because we in the northern hemisphere, south of the highest generating capacity, to accept the ideal solar radiation. It can also be slightly eastward or westward, generally within a few degrees or around 10 degrees, and can be controlled within a 1% loss of power generation.

2. Blocking: It is critical that the blockade has an impact on the solar power system, the blockage includes the blockage of the building, and the presence of tall trees around the building that can affect daylighting

3. Waterproof: to determine the roof waterproofing is to see if the roof has a very good waterproof layer, light if the building does not have a good waterproofing system, the life cycle may not be able to meet the roof function.

4. Version, corrosion is the basic requirements of the roof: the type of metal roof can not be installed to judge first, anti-corrosion is to pay attention to metal roof anti-corrosion paint anti-corrosion effect.

5. Load-bearing, photovoltaic system to be built on the roof, if the roof carrying capacity can not meet the photovoltaic construction, then the project is not established.

Photovoltaic system's own safety and building safety, which includes fire prevention, lightning protection and access, to achieve effective contact point protection. Lightning and building lightning protection to form one, the maintenance channel is safe for maintenance, we must set aside a good.