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How to effectively extend the lifespan of the solar mounting bracket?

Feb 08, 2018

Normally, the ground solar mounting system are used the concrete blocks as the foundation base. The solar mounting solution design has faced big challenge, that is, the initial feature for the all the assembly spare parts should be weather ability. The structure must be solid and reliable enough to withstand atmospheric erosion, wind load and other external effects. Safe and reliable installation, maximum performance with minimal installation costs, virtually maintenance-free and reliable repairs are all important factors to consider when choosing a solution. High wear resistant materials are used in the solution to resist wind snow loads and other corrosive effects. Comprehensive utilization of anodized aluminum, super-thick hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, anti-UV aging technology to ensure the solar stent and solar tracking service life


At present, the basic form of photovoltaic support commonly used at home and abroad, one is the cement-based, one is the spiral pile. Basis of the cement-based photovoltaic support usually independent basis or strip basis, the production of prefabricated or cast-in-place two ways, its outstanding advantage is the low amount of steel, the basic conditions are not subject to geological conditions, photovoltaic stent corrosion performance, security risks Smaller.