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Double Rows Double Pole Solar Carport Mounting System

Jan 17, 2017

Double Rows Double Pole Solar Carport Mounting System

Basic Info

  • Application:Home, Industrial, Commercial

  • Specification:Normal

Product Description
Solar Carports not only protect cars from the effects of direct sunlight, rain and hail stones, but also produce power for wholesale generation, net-metering and electric vehicle EV/PHEV charging stations. Radiant Solar Carports not only look great, they are easy to install and made to endure even the harshest climatic conditions.

Effective Use of Space:
Solar carports provide for the effective use of existing parking space and not only convert sunshine into electric energy but also maximize usage of land resources.
Engineering Excellence:
We provide static analysis including material optimization for each project. All stability tests are carried out according to current standards.

Long Lasting:
All components are made of aluminum (anodized AL6005-T5) and stainless steel (SUS304) guaranteeing long serviceability, pleasing aesthetics, a high recyclable value and low waste disposal costs.
Maintenance costs are minimized and you need not be concerned about rust breaking through that is common with galvanized steel structures.