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Ground Screw Solar Mounting Structure

Jan 17, 2017

Ground Screw Solar Mounting Structure

Basic Info

  • Application:Home

  • Specification:Normal, AS/NZS 1170

  • Type:Screw Solar Mounting Structure

  • Mount Site:Roof

  • Material:Aluminum Alloy

  • Design Standard:AS/NZS 1170

  • Origin:China

Product Description
1. Technical Specification---- Screw solar mounting structure

Installation Site: Outdoor and ground

Applicable Roof Cladding: Suitable for most types of cladding

Roof Slop: Up to 60degree

Max. Building Height: Up to 65ft(20m)

Wind Load: 130mph(60m/s)

Snow Load: 30PSF(1.4kN/m2)

Applicable Module: Framed

Module Orientation: Landscape or portrait

Code Compliance: AS/NZS 1170;

Standard: Aluminum, stainless steel

Warranty: 10 years on material

 Installation Site out door and ground
 ApplicationSoar ground mounting
Wind Speed 60m/s
 Snow Load 1.4KN/m²
 PV Modules Frameless
 Modules Orientation Vertical or horizontal
 Module Width Any
 Standard AS/NZS 1170 and other international standards
 Color Natural
 Warranty 10 years durability on material
 Support Rail Extruded Aluminum