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Home solar photovoltaic mounting support

Dec 07, 2016

Home solar photovoltaic mounting support

Solar support is the name of the solar energy support plant for the solar energy company to provide the product components

According to the use of stents can be divided into solar thermal support that (solar water heater bracket) and solar photovoltaic stent

Solar water heater bracket

Solar water heater stent is the supporting elements of solar water tanks, solar water heaters is an important part of the promotion of solar water heaters played an important role. Today, the solar stent is becoming an independent small industry development, the production of solar energy bracket more and more enterprises, making the stent from the solar water heater industry, the division of labor in the independent. In the popularization of solar water heaters, solar stent plays an important role, as people buy solar water heaters, one of the important parameters. Domestic solar water heater bracket design should be reasonable, should have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure adequate load-bearing capacity. In some of the larger areas of daily wind, especially in coastal areas, in the purchase of solar water heaters should also pay attention to when the product is designed to have wind resistance. Generally good quality solar water heaters, the bracket is used aluminum frame, thick and solid

Solar photovoltaic stent

Solar photovoltaic solar energy photovoltaic power generation system in order to place, install, fixed solar panel design of the special bracket. General materials are aluminum, stainless steel.