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How much sunlight can we use? Can it be the dominant energy source for the future?

Jun 07, 2017

Earth's surface to accept the solar radiation to meet the global energy needs of 10,000 times. The average annual radiation per square meter of radiation between about 1000-2000kWh between. International Energy Agency data show that in the global 4% of the desert to install photovoltaic power generation system, is sufficient to meet the global energy needs. Photovoltaic power generation has a broad space for development (roof, building surface, open space and desert, etc.), the potential is enormous.

According to preliminary statistics, China's use of existing building roof installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation, the market potential of about 300 million kilowatts or more, coupled with the western broad Gobi, photovoltaic power generation market potential of about billions of kilowatts or more. With the technological progress of photovoltaic power generation and large-scale application, the cost of power generation will be further reduced, become a more competitive energy supply, and gradually from the supplementary energy to alternative energy sources, and very promising to become the dominant energy in the future.