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How to Choose A Suitable Tilt Angle Degree for Your Solar Power System

Sep 10, 2017
How to installaton a suitable solar moutning system tilt angle degree for your solar power systems?

solar energy.jpgInstallation of solar mounting system, generally it is better to install on rooftop and on a higher geographical level. If the solar system installation is for home use, if you are in north of the earth, general the panels need to facing south, and tend to west about 5 to 10 degrees, to ensure that no sunshine be blocked. Minimize household pipelines and increase sunshine time. First of all, before you install, you can use the compass to find the location of the South, do mark. This is conducive to more accurate to find the appropriate installation direction.

As the adjustment of the solar mounting brackets tilt angle degree usually relate to the latitude of the region, to try to keep the solar panels and the sun direct with a large angle, to accept solar heat as much as possible, according to the latitude of the region to calculate and adjust the tilt angle degree. Following the principle that the higher of regional latitude the greater of the installation tilt angle degree. Make relationship of the latitude and the tilt angle degree, to calculate the appropriate installation angle, then the specific how to calculate it. In general, Angle = installation area latitude +5 degrees.