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How to choose solar mounting system supplier

Feb 02, 2018

With the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, solar mounting brackets company is also more and more. So, how to find the most satisfied suppliers in many companies?

First, quality is the key. Although you are not sure whether to check sample or not, when you ask for samples, those who can agree with your request is absolutely very confident about the quality of their products, then the quality of this company’s solar mounting system will not be too bad.

Second, service attitude. When you want to provide a completely solar mounting solution for project, those careful sales will confirm with you a lot of engineering information and demands, and accordingly design the optimal solar mounting structure for you. When you couldn’t get the project, they will bargain with raw material suppliers and try to meet your target price, to let your mounting solution with the most cost-efficient. They will also provide you with the strength calculation of the solar mounting brackets, so you could meet your clients with the most professional attitude.

Finally, packaging and after sales. Professional companies have their own packaging, but also could to meet your specific packaging requirements, so it will be easier to distinguish when you split and install, which could save you more time costs. During installation process, any problems can be solved in time with their after-sale service, to help you complete the entire project perfectly. Even in the follow-up of the system operation, they will always be there for any troubles.

Xiamen Sunforson Power Co., Ltd. is such a supplier, they have the most professional attitude for each customer, high-quality solar mounting system with anodized aluminum alloy 6005-T5 material, also have the sincere service attitude, which attract a large number of repeat customers. Sunforson will always be glad to help you with any problems on solar mounting, just wait you email to info@sunforson.com or call to +86 18588247786.