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How to install Solar Panels to a Flat Roof

Sep 13, 2017

With growing concerns over the environmental effects of burning fossil fuels and rising energy prices, many people are looking to renewable energy as a clean alternative and a way to cut down on energy costs. Installing solar panels into a home not only will reduce electrical bills, but may also actually help you make money by generating electricity. Although the installation cost can be expensive, the government offers programs and tax credits for "green" home improvement projects like this one.

How to install solar panels on a flat roof,the most important is the choice of roof mounting brackets.There are usually have two mounts type for concerning: penetration solar racking system and non-penetration solar aluminum mounts;

And then Installing Solar Panels

Determine how big the array on your roof will be and mark off where it will be installed.

Install the solar panels and connect them so they form an array and also install all the wiring connections.


Run the electrical conduit from the array to the place the inverter will be located, attaching it to the roof.

ballast solar panel mount.jpg