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How to Mount Your Solar Modules

Aug 24, 2017

Firstly, we should know that there are three  types of home solar power projects are as bellows:

1.Grid Connected Home Solar Power (no batteries)

2.Grid Connected Home Solar Power with Batteries

3.Off Grid Home Solar Power Systems

 SunRack shingle roof from Sunforson.jpg

Most home solar power panels are mounted directly to the roof of a building. Some are on posts, either as a fixed array (not moving) or as sun trackers. Finally, some may be mounted on a framework on the ground.


On the top is a traditional roof mounted system. There are several roof mounting solutions for different roof sheet,including tile roof mounting brackets,metal roof solar racking systems,shingle roof solar mounting structures,asbestos solar panel mounting,and flat roof mountings with different mounting designs.


Roof mounted is good if you have a southern facing roof, +/- 10° of true south. The best tilt angle for fixed arrays is your latitude minus 10°. Solar thermal arrays need to be tilted up in order to absorb more sun during the colder months when the sun is lower in the sky. Solar electric functions better in summer, so we sacrifice the smaller winter output.


Roof mounted systems are relatively inexpensive to install. They put the array close to the inverter thus a smaller wire size. If your roof angle isn’t a perfect 35°, don’t worry. If your system is within the window of 25° to 45° your system will operate within 5% of ideal. Adjusting the tilt away from parallel to the roof will add extra stress from the lifting effect of the wind.