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Inclined roof solar mounting system installation

Jul 05, 2017

Inclined roof solar mounting system installation

Inclined roofing capacity is relatively poor, on the inclined rooftop, the solar panels are mostly directly installed without angle degree to the roof sheet, it means that the solar panels are basically parallel with the roof.  According to the different types of roof, it can be divided into tile roof solar mounting system and tin roof solar mounting system.


1) Tile roof solar system


Tile roof solar mounting system mainly install by roof hook, rail, end-clamp, mid-clamp and bolts and other connectors.

 tile roof mount...png


2) Tin roof solar mounting system


Tin roof solar mounting system, this type of roof mainly from industrial plants, warehouses and so on. According to the tin roof type in different forms, it can be divided into three type of roof types, The angle-type steel roof, vertical lock-type steel roof and ladder-type steel roof.

Tin roof.png

The angle-type steel roof and the vertical lock-type steel roof mainly use fixtures to connect the rails with the roof, and ladder-type steel roof need to use self-drilling bolts to fix the rail on the roof.


Not matter which type of roof, it is necessary to exactly measure the dimension of "angle", "upright", "trapezoidal" of the roof corrugated, to select the right connectors. So that it can ensure connectors can match with the roofs and it can be installed exactly. To avoid water leakage at the bolt hole, usually use EPDM PAD under the fixture.

tin roof hook-01..jpg