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Photovoltaic carport system solar carport design production and installation

Dec 07, 2016

Photovoltaic carport system solar carport design production and installation


Solar carport is different from the general shade structure of the shed, its professional structure is not only solar power, shading, waterproof rain function, but also can be used as outdoor advertising platform. Solar carport has revolutionized the traditional design, innovation and foundations of the basic fixed program can be well with the existing car park installation, without any civil construction, its construction will not affect the existing The use of parking shed.


The solar panel support is based on the integration of solar landscape and energy saving and environmental protection. It can not only be used as building decoration material, but also as photovoltaic power generation unit, which highlights the aesthetics and functionality of the landscape integration project. The car-shed mainly uses solar power, and the mains supply is used as a bypass. During the day when the sunny, the solar power to give priority to the electric vehicle charging, the day of cloudy or rainy days, switch to the mains to charge the battery, charging does not require battery storage, solar power directly after the inverter. In addition, the surplus of solar energy can be used in a building near the carport or sold to a power company, so that the solar energy can be used without waste.


Scope: community, schools, businesses, factories, government agencies, tourist attractions.