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Photovoltaic support for photovoltaic power generation brings new development

Nov 28, 2016

Solar stent molding equipment is solar photovoltaic power generation system in order to place, install, fixed solar panel design of the special bracket. General materials are aluminum, stainless steel. Solar stent companies generally use galvanized metal materials. First, lower cost, and second, carrying a larger and has a rotating device, with the rotation of the sun to adjust their own point of view, high light energy utilization. The unique design of the structure allows the components can be adjusted according to different regions of the angle, which can make full use of local solar energy resources, to achieve the maximum solar power components of the power efficiency.


Under the guidance of the national policy, Hebei solar power market, while the development of large-scale, but also led to the overall development of Hebei's economy, the market prospects for solar energy stent is very impressive. The detailed analysis and practice of PV module connection, material selection and load analysis of stent load have made it have good physical properties such as anti-seismic, anti-wind, anti-snow pressure and corrosion resistance, so that PV modules are applied to more extensive Of the region.


PV agriculture is the combination of solar photovoltaic power generation and agricultural cultivation, through the planting base to install solar PV modules for power generation, both planting, light and land to achieve the intensive, three-dimensional comprehensive utilization of agricultural planting to achieve green, High-yield, high efficiency, so that the clean energy of solar energy is fully exploited. This is not an additional occupation of land in the photovoltaic panel under the cultivation of hi-yin crops, "Nongguang complementary" approach to achieve the "top of the clean power, the following efficient planting" solar stent development and agricultural production win-win.


Solar photovoltaic stent Large-scale photovoltaic power generation enterprises are widely accepted galvanized metal materials. First, lower cost, and second, carrying a larger and has a rotating device, with the rotation of the sun to adjust their own point of view, high utilization of light energy. Photovoltaic products are divided into floor type, roof type, wall type, portable and so on.


Photovoltaic power generation system is the use of solar cells directly into solar energy into electricity power generation system. Its important components are solar cells, batteries, controllers and inverters. It is characterized by high reliability, long life, no pollution, can be an independent power generation and network operation, favored, has a vast longevity vision. While the industrial and trade electricity consumption, high prices, the proportion of self-conscious use, the acceptance period is short, high yield; other photovoltaic stent system has the social benefits of energy-saving emission reduction, industrial users can probably help to complete energy-saving emission reduction targets, To carry out low-carbon business will be the pilot.


Compared with the existing important power generation methods, the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation system are: things change faster, this is because the photovoltaic power generation system by the light, temperature and other external factors greatly affected; the input side of the primary energy power is not Can not be automatically controlled in the context of skills, can only passively track the maximum power point when the conditions under the sun to capture power system to achieve the maximum output; photovoltaic power generation system for the DC output, the need for high-quality DC power inverter Exchange capacity with load.