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Roof photovoltaic (PV) Solar mounting system

Dec 07, 2016

Roof photovoltaic (PV) Solar mounting system

Slope roof photovoltaic system

According to the different structure of the slope roof, will provide you with a special slope for the development of photovoltaic systems unique accessories to meet your requirements.

Slope roof PV system bracket Features:

§ Suitable for tile roof thickness adjustable height of flexible accessories to meet customer applications

§ connecting plate and other accessories multi-hole design flexible and effective support bracket position adjustment

§ does not damage the roof from the waterproof system

Flat roof photovoltaic system

Common flat roof in the form: concrete flat roof, color steel flat roof, steel flat roof, the ball node roof and so on.

Flat roof photovoltaic system bracket Features:

§ Large-scale laying neatly

§ A variety of solid and solid connections with the foundation

§ According to the different needs of customers to develop unique accessories to meet the requirements