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Seven advantages of aluminum alloy photovoltaic bracket

Mar 28, 2018
  • Resistance to natural corrosion

    Aluminum placed in the air can form a dense alumina protective layer on the surface layer. This protective layer can prevent further oxidation of aluminum alloy profiles.

  • Anti-galvanic corrosion
    When the steel bracket is in contact with the aluminum photovoltaic panel frame, the aluminum photovoltaic panel frame is prone to galvanic corrosion, while the aluminum alloy bracket eliminates this phenomenon.

  • Balanced voltage
    The aluminum alloy profiles have excellent electrical conductivity, and the aluminum profiles can therefore better transmit the weak currents generated by the photovoltaic stent system for various reasons.

  • Easy to form
    Aluminum profiles with different cross-sectional shapes can be easily obtained by extrusion processes using different dies.

  • Easy processing
    Aluminum profiles can easily be processed into sawdust, drilling, punching, folding and other processes to produce aluminum profiles of the required specifications. Energy consumption during processing is also much lower than that of steel

  • Low temperature resistance

    Ordinary steel, especially the welded area, is fragile and brittle in the low-temperature environment, whereas the strength of the aluminum alloy section is increased.

  • Environmentally Recyclable

    The reshaping of the aluminum alloy profiles after recycling only consumes 5% of the original energy from the aluminum ore to the profile process.