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Photovoltaic stent product categories and features

Mar 01, 2018

PV support system Slope roof PV system

Depending on the structure of the lower part of the sloping roof, We will provide you with unique accessories developed specifically for sloping roof photovoltaic systems to meet your requirements.

Slope roof photovoltaic system bracket features:

  • Suitable for different thickness of tile roof adjustable height accessories to meet customer applications

  • Connecting plate and other accessories multi-hole design flexible and effective implementation of the bracket position adjustment

  • Do not destroy the roof self-waterproofing system

Photovoltaic Mounting System Flat Roof PV System

Common flat roof form: concrete flat roof, color steel flat roof, steel flat roof and so on.

Flat Roof PV System Bracket Features:

  • Large-scale laying neatly

  • A variety of solid and solid connection with the foundation

  • According to the different needs of customers to develop unique accessories to meet the requirements

Photovoltaic Mounting System Large Ground PV System

Common large-scale ground photovoltaic systems generally use concrete strip (block) basis (special foundation conditions need to consult professional soil mechanics designers).

Large-scale ground PV system bracket features:

  • Quick installation with large-scale ground photovoltaic power station construction progress

  • Flexible form of adjustment to meet the complex and varied requirements of the construction site

  • Streamline the number of parts to facilitate field workers identify the installation

Photovoltaic Mounting System Carport PV System


Customizable solar carport mounting system is the most versatile solar carport solution in the market offering several different design structure options for both single and double rowa of parking.

Versatile carport PV system bracket features:

  • Suitable for various car parking area

  • Compatible with standard framed and frameless module types

  • Fixed tile angle: 5°,10°,15°


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