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Thin Film Solar Panel Mounting Systems

Nov 09, 2017
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  •  Mounting thin-film solar panels is a growing trend in the solar industry. Although these panels are typically installed on fixed-tilt racks, they are also becoming increasingly popular in utility-scale solar projects. This is especially true in the Southwest United States, since thin-film modules have a higher temperature coefficient which gives them an energy-yield advantage in warmer climates. 

  • In addition to this natural trend, the recent announcement of US-imposed tariffs on Chinese module manufacturers will lead investors and project developers alike to look for alternative sourcing solutions in order to meet their project deadlines and move pipelines forward. One potential option is the application of thin-film modules manufactured in the United States. Currently, the largest producer of this type of technology is First Solar.

     Frameless thin-film modules require support at specific locations. To install these at the lowest possible price and support them properly, custom racks must be specifically designed to each module make and model. It required a thin film racking system created specifically for frameless thin-film modules.  

    Overall, frameless thin-film modules look to be an important element for solar projects in the United States moving forward. Through constant innovation, a partnership with module suppliers and a commitment to cost-reduction, Array Technologies, Inc. strives to create industry-leading solar tracking and racking solutions that directly benefit the needs of our customers and the continued growth of the solar industry as a whole.

  • The features for SunRack thin film mounting solutions:

  • 1. Time saving
    Some parts have been installed at the factory (like mid clamps group,end clamp groups,splice connectors etc) , which save time and cost.

  • 2. Competitive price
    Thin-film mounting system adopts reasonable and scientific structure and reduces mounting content, which makes price competitive.

  • 3. Versatile mounting clamp

    SunRack thin film mounting clmaps can be suitable for 4mm-8mm thickness solar modules.

  • 4. Main parts of thin-film mounting system have been tested under extreme condition and it can endure pressure from wind and snow. It can be used in extreme weather.

  • 5. Strict quality control
    The thin-film mounting system has obtained certificate of CE.