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What are the aspects of PV brackets that customers need to focus on?

Mar 22, 2018

Photovoltaic stents, as an emerging industry, face more and more customers' needs. At the same time, some customers lack the knowledge of various aspects such as installation, design, and calculation of photovoltaic stents. Have to rely on the professional team of manufacturers. Therefore, PV rack manufacturers and services are concerned with team building. The industry will always be professional to understand more. The manufacturers of PV brackets face the needs of customers. It is actually a kind of trust and customer behavior that customers understand their products and announce the detailed parameters of the products. It is correct to choose non-professional users for photovoltaics. The focus does not have to be completely focused on the parameters.

You should judge and choose from the side. For example, in the following aspects, the structure, the tracking type moving parts, the materials of the components, the processing technology of the components, the warranty time, and the effective use time are set. It is always habitual to include parameters, installed capacity, control methods, tracking (accuracy, elevation angle, azimuth angle), safe operation capability, drive (type, electric power), protection capability, and work for the PV racks in the network. Environment, area, finishing weight, etc. It does not mean that the parameters are not important, but that if you do not understand many parameters, you should focus on the details of the situation from the side, and conduct a preliminary understanding before you compare the parameters. The same parameters of different fabrics and processing will be a lot of difference. This is one of the reasons why the brand's products are still relatively expensive, although they are relatively low in performance. The selection of photovoltaic stents from the perspective of non-professional users is mainly considered in practical areas such as materials. For parameters, it can be said that as long as the requirements that need to be met are met, the general manufacturers will give satisfaction or explanation.