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Tiled Roof Installation System

Mar 08, 2018

                                                                 Tiled Roof Installation System

1. Roof tile installation system consists of hooks, rails, clamps and bolts and other connectors.

solar roof mount.jpg

2 Light steel roof installation system

Light steel roofs, also called color steel tile roofs, are mainly used in industrial plants and warehouses. According to the different types of color steel tile, it can be divided into angle relaxation type light steel roof, standing seam type steel roof and ladder type light steel roof.

      The angle relaxation type light steel roof and upright lock edge type light steel roof mainly fix the guide rail to the roofing through the clamp, and the ladder light steel roof needs the self-tapping bolt to fix the connecting piece to the roofing.

Regardless of the type of roofing, field measurements "corner relief", "upright edge" and "trapezoid" dimensions must be made when selecting connectors to ensure that the connectors and roofing match, and when installing ladder-type lightweight steel roof supports Good waterproofing measures to prevent water .