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Tilted Single Axis Solar Tracking Mounting System with Linkage

Jan 18, 2017

Tilted Single Axis Solar Tracking Mounting System with Linkage

Basic Info

  • Application:Industrial, Commercial

  • Specification:Normal, CE

  • Installed Sight:Outdoor Ground

  • Wind Resistance:35m/S

  • Structural Material:Q235B

  • Trademark:NPS; OEM

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:85419000

Product Description
Tilted Single-axis Tracking system 
All trackers with axes of rotation between horizontal and vertical are considered tilted single axis trackers. Tracker tilt angles are often limited to reduce the wind profile and decrease the elevated end height. With backtracking, they can be packed without shading perpendicular to their axis of rotation at any density.
Field layouts with tilted single axis trackers must consider shading to avoid unnecessary losses and to optimize land utilization.
Tilted single axis trackers typically have the face of the module oriented parallel to the axis of rotation. As a module tracks, it sweeps a cylinder that is rotationally symmetric around the axis of rotation.
Single-axis (Linkage-tilted) Feature:
1.    Installation using multilateration technology at slope landforms or hills, and will not affect the overall operation of power plants. Increasing output up to 20%~30%.
2.    Patent linkage-tilted design, perfect simultaneous operation, one driver can accurately drive more than one payload at the same time.
3.    General appearance of the tracking bracket is simple and nice, with good self-locking capability, high reliability, high tracking accuracy, good stability.
4.    Good wind resistance performance, high adaptability, no welding installation on-site, flexible and simple.
5.    Maintenance of best point of force moment, reduction of motor power consumption, extending machinery and motor life.
6.    Air channel kept between adjacent solar panels, to reduce wind load of the net rack and increase wind resistance.
7.    Wide application, support installation of Crystalline Silicon, CPV and solar thermal components.
8.    All structure components are hot dip galvanized, 25 years' service time.
9.    Security feature: wind gage, automatic horizontal to anti strong wind, manual or telecontrol to 45°angle to anti snow, overload protection.
11.  All components meet NEMA4/IP65 Standards.