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What a high quality solar mounting system will be?

Sep 27, 2017

solar mounting structure.jpg

As we all know,  if you care about the power generation efficiency of your solar power system,  a high quality solar mounting system and installation solution deserve you to require.


A quality solar mounting system need you to focus following several points:

Firstly, the solar mounting engineer experience is very important. Because the one who with rich experience on solar mounting, they can make a mounting solution base on the project local latitude to find out most suitable tilt angle degree for the solar system, so that to absorb the most sunlight power. And they also can design the suitable strength of the mounting solution according to the recent 50 years’ max wind speed record in the project city, make it safe and secure and allow you to get the most out of your investment.


Secondly, the material and the thickness of the solar mounting structure. Aluminum alloy in Al6005-T5 is a type of quality aluminum for solar mounting structure, as it have high tensile strength and extension strength. The thickness of the solar mounting structure is very important, too. Especially for the thickness of the rail, rail is the main components, it makes great influence on the strength of the whole solar mounting system.


What’s more, the installation for solar mounting structure is also very important, for installers, they need to save the time and save extra work on installation. SunRack brand from Sunforson Power, they supply sample and easy install solar mounting structure, it needn’t to weld on site, not need to worry about the inaccurate installation, they use G-module and Line-module for different rail design, and they have different type for rails to adapt different countries.


At last, when you purchase a durable goods, you must think about the warranty of the goods, for the lifetime of the solar panel, always about 25 years, you need to correspond the suitable solar mounting system warranty with it. SunRack solar mounting system provide 10 years warranty and more than 25 years lifetime. And they also provide kindly after-sales service, if you have any question about the installation and any other confuse, you can call them or email them, they always can reply you in time.