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What are the different types of solar mounting systems for roofs?

Dec 20, 2017

Regarding the roof solar mounting system, it has the pitched roof and flat roof. Moreover, the pitched roof have the below type:

1, tile roof mountin system

Sunrack tiled roof mounting strucure, accommodating a wide range of modules framed or frameless, is suitable for most types of roof with different roof hooks. 

With innovative Sunrack rail and G/flat module, Sunrack tile roof mount enables significantly fast and easy installation.

solar roof mount.jpg

tile roof hook.jpg

2, shingle roof solar mounting racks

Sunrack shingle roof mounting rack is widely applied for asphalt shingle roof. It highlights the easy and fasy installation with solar roof flashings group. Sunrack

roof flashing is water tight and durable and compatible for most of roof solar racking system


3, tin roof mounting system

With variety of tin roof brackets, Sunrack tin roof mounting system can meet trapezoid/coorugated metal roof and standing seam roof demand with or without

penetrating on the roof. Sunforson have the excellent engineering team and quality management system to provide the perfect service.

solar roof mount systems.jpg

We develop many kinds of flat roof mounting system (it also can be used for ground) to meet different project demands, such as fixed angle mounting system, adjustable mounting brackets, ballast mounting structures, triangular mounts.

1, Fixed angle mounting system

roof mounting racks.jpg

2, adjustble solar mounting stand

solar panel mount.jpg

3, triangular solar mount

mounting structures.jpg