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What is the foundation of ground solar mount

Jan 05, 2018

When installing the PV system on the ground, depending on the environment of the installation site and the specific needs of the project, different types of mounting brackets will be selected.


Normally, ground solar mount have 4 different foundations: concrete base, ground screw, ground pile, pole mount.

Concrete base are suitable for most of ground or flat roof:

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Ground Mounting System (1).jpg

Concrete base ground mount

1 (1).jpg

grond solar mount

Ground screw are suitable for normal soil, but expect sandy soil for acid soil:

solar structures.jpg

Ground screw solar mount

ground screw mounting.jpg

solar ground mounting

Ground pile are mostly used like the ground screw:

Ground Solar Racking PV Mounting Supports (3).jpg

ground pile solar mount

Ground Solar Racking PV Mounting Supports (1).jpg

solar mounting system

Pole mount are suitable all kinds of ground, especially some project on In the mountains or slopes:

Solar Panel Pole Mount Design For Solar Panel Installation (1).jpg

solar panel pole mount

SunRack Solar Pv Ground Mounting Pole Mount Structure (3).jpg

Single pole solar mounting bracket