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What is the general angle of the solar mount?

Dec 07, 2016

What is the general angle of the solar mount?

The angle of the solar mount

Installation of solar energy support, usually installed on the roof, or the location is more appropriate high point. Should the installation of solar panels as a home use, then generally sit south, west to west 5 to 10 degrees, to ensure that no sun block. Minimize the household pipeline, increase the sunshine time. Installation can be used first to find the south position with a compass, good mark. This will help to more accurately find the appropriate installation direction.

As the solar energy support angle adjustment and the use of regional latitude, to try to keep the solar panels and solar direct maximum angle, to accept as much solar heat, according to the latitude of the region to be calculated and adjusted to follow the use of regional latitude The higher the solar stent need to adjust the angle with the ground should be the greater the principle of the solar energy bracket angle and the location of the latitude to calculate the result is the most appropriate installation angle, then how to calculate it, usually, the installation Optimum angle = installation area latitude +5 degrees.