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Advantages Aluminum PV Mounting What?

Sep 06, 2016

Mainly used to produce aluminum profiles Our PV mounting systems. Compared with aluminum galvanized steel has the following advantages:

l Light weight

Aluminum density of 2.7kg / dm3

Iron density 7.9kg / dm3

l natural anti-corrosion

Aluminum can be placed in the air at the surface to form a dense protective alumina layer, the protective layer to prevent further oxidation of aluminum.

l anti-galvanic corrosion

When the steel supports photovoltaic panels in contact with the aluminum frame, aluminum solar frame prone to galvanic corrosion, while aluminum bracket is to avoid this phenomenon.

l Balanced Voltage

Aluminum has excellent electrical conductivity, and therefore better able to conduction PV mounting system for various reasons arising from weak current.

l easy to shape

Different molds can be used easily by extrusion process to obtain different cross-sectional shapes of aluminum products.

l easy processing

Aluminum can easily by sawing, drilling, punching, folding and other processing to desired specifications, and process energy consumption is much lower than steel.

l low temperature

Common steel welding area especially vulnerable to low temperature environment is fragile, but the strength of aluminum is actually increased.

l Environmental easy recovery

After reshaping aluminum recycling consume only original profiles from aluminum ore to process 5% of energy.