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China Thirteen Five-Year PV Installed Capacity

Sep 20, 2017

The amount of photovoltaic installed capacity will be much more than the intended target at the end of China "Thirteen Five-Year".

Today, in the "2017 China PV Conference" opening in Jinan, many official scholars said that through years of development, China's PV market is growing rapidly, is expected to at the end of China "Thirteen Five-Year", the installed capacity will be much higher than previously scheduled aims. It is recommended that the government strengthen the development of photovoltaic industry standards, pay subsidies, strengthen supervision, and hope that manufacturers can provide better, cheaper and more efficient component system to accelerate the further development of household PV market.

Former deputy director of State Council Development Research Center, Hou Yunchun said, China photovoltaic market development rapidly in recent years, in the first half year, PV installed capacity reached 7.1 GW, an increase of 2.9 times, is very gratifying. But some problems need to be further solved. First, we must increase the government's participation, and make the government, industry, University, research and research work together to form the industrial chain and the use chain. Secondly, enterprises should work hard to reduce costs, improve quality, build brands, and promote the spirit of craftsman, which includes not only manufacturing, installation, but also late maintenance. Third, we should strengthen self-discipline and avoid price wars, so as to win the market with low cost and high quality