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Development Status Of Floating Aquatic Photovoltaic Power Plants

Sep 06, 2016

Water floating photovoltaic plant means ponds, small lakes, reservoirs, coal mining subsidence area, lake and other waters environment construction of photovoltaic power plants, in order to solve the traditional problem of large area photovoltaic power generation. Water floating photovoltaic plant 11% more fat than the power station with the floor or roof area, the project internal rate of return is higher than the ground or the roof power plant. Expected in the next few years, the total installed capacity of water floating photovoltaic plant in our country will reach 3GW above.

Currently, France, Japan, Southeast Asia, Brazil and some European countries are seeking to develop floating aquatic photovoltaic, France heaven and earth company (Ciel & Terre) water floating body do the most successful, currently the vast majority of water floating power plant project float provided by the company. China is currently floating in the water power station in terms of the overall research and development stage, has done a good mountain new energy, I parked, Icahn and other companies.