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Flat Roof Mounting Systems Add More Revenue

Jun 01, 2017

Flat roof mounting systems Some productive enterprises the roof is less than thousands of flat tens of thousands of flat, in the industrial and commercial roof installed photovoltaic Flat roof mounting systems after these large areas of idle space into a valuable resource, invigorated the enterprise's fixed assets, for enterprises to add more revenue.

Enterprises with large electricity consumption, high peak electricity tariffs, installation of photovoltaic power, enterprises can spontaneously use, Flat roof mounting systems more than the internet sales. For example: The Beijing area enterprise electricity price generally in 1.2 yuan/degree, the enterprise spontaneous use once electricity to save 1.2 yuan, uses the electricity which can also sell the electricity grid, the net purchase price is 0.3515 yuan/degree. This will not only solve the problem of electricity generation, but also generate new economic benefits for the enterprise.

The industrial and commercial photovoltaic system can reduce the energy consumption of enterprises and complete the energy saving and emission reduction targets stipulated by government. Flat roof mounting systems Coupled with the free distribution of resources, the advantages of building roof safety and reliability, no noise, no pollution. This is also a number of institutions, large and medium enterprises to build photovoltaic power generation of one of the main reasons.

Photovoltaic panels with insulation effect, Flat roof mounting systems on the roof of the large-scale installation of photovoltaic components, can effectively reduce the plant temperature, in the hot summer to create a more comfortable working environment, but also indirectly saving the cost of air-conditioning enterprises.

The National Development and Reform Commission issued in early 2016, "on the effective implementation of the national carbon emissions trading market launch focus of the notice," Flat roof mounting systems pointed out that photovoltaic power stations can be used to conserve electricity by using large areas of the plant's unused roofs, and the green power emitted from photovoltaic plants can be packaged into saleable carbon quotas for sale to high energy-consuming companies that need to buy quotas. Coupled with PV sustainable operation for 25 years, is a more secure way to invest

"Neighbor home to decorate the roof, Flat roof mounting systems installed roof photovoltaic, electricity, and money! "I want to build one, but I don't know how much power the roof can hold." How much is the investment? "It's a question of many friends ' doubts!"

PV is now springing up in the urban and rural areas of the installation craze, indeed in the current look at the neighbors home electricity does not spend, also make money, really let a person according to the resistance, but not all the user home is suitable for photovoltaic system, to see your home roof suitable for installation of photovoltaic system key to see the roof area, roof load, orientation and other objective factors, Flat roof mounting systems of course, also consider the return on investment. Today and everyone said, friends generally concerned about two issues, how to install the amount of calculation? PV Power Station Ordinary people can play up? How about the investment?

There are three types of roofs installed with solar power: colored steel roofs, brick-and-tile roofs, and flat concrete roofs. The roof is different, Flat roof mounting systems the installation of photovoltaic power station is different, the installed power station area is also different. If the villagers want to calculate how big their own roof can be installed, the first thing to understand is what type of roof they belong to.

The installation of photovoltaic power stations on the roof of the colored steel tile roofs of steel structures usually only installs photovoltaic components on the south side, with a ratio of 1-kilowatt to 10 square meters, or 1 mw (1 MW = 1000-kilowatt) for projects requiring 10,000 square meters of area.

In the brick and tile structure roof installs the photovoltaic power station, generally chooses in the 08 00-16 00 not to cover the roof area to fill the photovoltaic component, although installs the way and the color steel roof is different, but the laying proportion is similar, Flat roof mounting systems also is 1-kilowatt area 10 square meters. In other words, an area larger ($number square metre) of the tile roof, probably installed about 10-kilowatt of the PV power system, 25 annual power generation estimated at 9000 million degrees.