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Flat Roof Mounting Systems Current Technology

Sep 27, 2017

According to the different structure, Flat roof mounting systems the roof of industrial buildings can be divided into concrete roof, steel roof (according to the color steel tile type can be divided into angle-type, vertical lock type, wave type and other categories). Distributed photovoltaic roof types are different, Flat roof mounting systems the installation can be used in different ways. Before the installation of distributed photovoltaic system, we must first consider the safety of the housing structure, must be based on the country's current building structure load specification requirements, combined with the actual situation on the scene, Flat roof mounting systems commissioned professional institutions, the structure of the housing capacity review, especially steel houses Of the structural capacity of the calculation, if not meet the requirements of the specification, must be reinforced housing, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of housing.

The factors that affect the installation of the PV system are mainly the carrying capacity of the roof, the waterproof condition, the service life, Flat roof mounting systems the number of the shelters and the roof area. Concrete roofing capacity of the basic can meet the requirements of distributed photovoltaic, the other need to pay special attention to the distribution of the pipe on the roof; and for steel roof, the need to focus on its carrying capacity to account. The existing technology has been able to provide high-quality steel roof cold reinforcement, roof coating maintenance, roofing and waterproofing and other integrated services, Flat roof mounting systems photovoltaic power generation and steel roof to achieve a perfect fusion to maximize the protection of power generation efficiency and building safety.

With the decline in temperature, people are beginning to worry about whether the photovoltaic power generation system can withstand the dangers of bad weather. Flat roof mounting systems The industry said that the distributed photovoltaic system in accordance with the introduction of the national structure of the load structure of the strict control of quality control, in order to better protect the safety of winter rain and snow and other weather.

Under normal circumstances is divided into horizontal roof and sloping roof, horizontal roof that is flat roof, mainly cement roof-based. The sloping roofs include colored steel sloping roofs and tiles roofs. Flat roof mounting systems If the division of the region, then the south is generally a large angle of the sloping roof-based resources; central region both, while the northeastern region is the majority of the ceramic tile roof resources.

For cement flat roofs, for the use of waterproof roof, Flat roof mounting systems such as covering asphalt. To avoid drilling in the roof, you can use the cement base to fix the PV bracket. Under the cement foundation, pad the rubber pad to protect the waterproof layer and prevent the sliding of the cement base.

For sloping roofs, Flat roof mounting systems tile roofs need to set off the tiles, the ceramic tile hook fixed on the beam or cement layer. So the construction of the roof tile in some areas under the soil layer, soil softness caused by decreased adhesion of ceramic tile hook, so to find a more reasonable way to install; color steel roof can be based on color type of fixture or perforated installation, Flat roof mounting systems Punch when using waterproof pad waterproof.