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Flat Roof Mounting Systems Develop And Use

Jun 27, 2017

As a result of large-scale development and utilization of fossil fuels over the years, leading to resource constraints, environmental pollution, Flat roof mounting systems climate change and a series of difficulties, the importance of energy structure changes increasingly prominent!

The eyes of the world gradually turned to the nature of the "green energy", such as solar energy, wind energy, water and other clean renewable energy. To "clean energy-based, Flat roof mounting systems fossil energy, supplemented by" as the goal, in the country to support the development of a step by step is being achieved. But the wind energy, water and other green energy because of the site conditions and natural conditions are relatively high, so solar energy is more suitable for urban development. Only the roof and the sun will be able to generate electricity, which is definitely the best choice for home power stations!

At present, the photovoltaic power generation system built on buildings is a widely used distributed photovoltaic power generation system, including buildings such as civil buildings, Flat roof mounting systems public buildings, industrial buildings and other buildings that can carry photovoltaic power generation systems. It is a photovoltaic power generation system that is designed, constructed and installed at the same time as the building and is in perfect shape with the building. Flat roof mounting systems It is also called "construction type" and "building material type" photovoltaic building. It is a function of building a photovoltaic array Part, including the use of photovoltaic modules to replace the traditional roof materials, such as: roof, tile, Flat roof mounting systems slate tile, metal roof, windows, shelter and so on. It is part of the external structure of the building, both with power generation function, Flat roof mounting systems but also has the building components and building materials function, and even enhance the beauty of the building, and the building to form a perfect unity.

The installation of PV modules varies depending on the roof form. Most of the use of separate design, flexibility, to point-type connection components overhead in the roof structure above, without affecting the original roof performance at the same time, to create better ventilation conditions, Flat roof mounting systems so that the best solar panels Work efficiency, maintenance is also more convenient, Flat roof mounting systems especially for flat roof and slope roof.

Flat roof BAPV common installation methods are: concrete weight method (including: pouring concrete base method and prefabricated concrete block weight method), Flat roof mounting systems cast-in-place concrete connection roof method, chemical anchor bolt fixation method.

In the construction case, Flat roof mounting systems under the premise of correct design of structural load, if the correct, safe, civilized construction, then do not carry out the roof drilling method of construction, in general, will not damage the roof waterproof layer, causing roof leakage. Flat roof mounting systems This type of construction methods are: concrete weighting method, steel connection method, Flat roof mounting systems special fixture fixation, Flat roof mounting systems two-component adhesive bonding method. 

Resulting in possible leakage of the roof, there are several:

1) the installation of photovoltaic stents on concrete flat roofs or villa concrete slopes, the use of embedded bolts, expansion bolts or chemical anchor bolts fixed method to install photovoltaic stent works;

2) When installing the photovoltaic stent on the roof of the steel structure, the use of self-tapping screws will fix the bracket and the steel tile roof firmly in the case of the cross section of the steel plate.

3) cable bushing or roof water supply pipe through the roof;

4) roof color steel plate rust and leakage, or local area corrosion;

5) Wrong, rugged construction method.