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Flat Roof Mounting Systems Forms And Materials

Jun 14, 2017

Flat Roof Mounting Systems Forms And Materials

Flat roof mounting systems Household distributed photovoltaic systems are mostly built on roofs, and the 3-5kw is the most common, and the investment is between 240,000 yuan. Flat roof mounting systems This paper will take the most common sloping roof, flat roof and color steel tile roof as the main construction carrier of PV system, from the design survey point of view to introduce the installation of structural form and material selection, and so on. Through the standardized design, reasonable structure selection, the nearest material to achieve cost savings, increase the purpose of income.

Identify the roof: the first to have a very intuitive judgment on the roof, Flat roof mounting systems is to identify the type of roof, is flat roof or sloping roof, or metal roof, as well as the composition of the roof, is concrete, tile, terracotta or the whole material exposed.

1. Utilization area: First of all, the size of the roof to determine the available area, because the available area directly determines the PV system installed capacity.Flat roof mounting systems  Next to the roof, the roof is best to the south, because we have the highest power generation in the northern hemisphere and in the South, which is ideal for receiving solar radiation. can also be a little to the east or west, generally within a few degrees or about 10 degrees, can be controlled in the loss of power generation can be accepted within 1%.

2. Occlusion: The impact of occlusion on the solar power system is critical, shielding the building cover, and there are no tall trees around the building to affect the lighting

3. Waterproof: To determine the roof waterproof condition is to see the roof has a very good waterproof layer, light if the building does not have a good waterproof system, Flat roof mounting systems the life cycle may not be able to meet the use of the roof function.

4. Version, Anti-Corrosion is the basic requirements of the roof: the type of metal roof can be installed to be judged first, anti-corrosion is to pay attention to the anti-corrosion paint metal roof anti-corrosion effect.

5. Load-bearing, photovoltaic system to be built on the roof, if the roof load capacity can not meet the photovoltaic construction, this project is not tenable.

PV system's own safety and building safety, Flat roof mounting systems including fire prevention, lightning protection and repair channels, to achieve all the contact point to be effective protection. Lightning protection and construction of lightning to form an integrated, overhaul access is to repair the safety of the time, must be reserved.

The bracket installs the way to pay attention to the hanging tile strip and the Times bar connects to the fixed tile. The second is the horizontal tile form, because the terracotta below is pasted through concrete on the tile, there is no times, only through concrete. Linoleum Roofing as a new material, gradually more applications, Flat roof mounting systems because the linoleum tile to recover and then restore, control is not good will leak. Therefore, the way is to connect the fixed point of the place can increase the connection position, linoleum tile has a certain thickness, so as to form a certain space, fixed before and after the fixed to use the sealant to fill it well, to avoid the hidden dangers of leakage.