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In-Roof Solar Installation Develop And Spread Rapidly

Sep 27, 2017

In-roof solar.jpg

Housebuilders are increasingly looking to in-roof solar installations in their new build homes according to North West-based installer Solarcrown Commercial, which has won contracts for over 400 new build homes in the region.


The company has won its second major in-roof photovoltaic project with property developer Countryside for 98 new-build homes on Blackberry Lane in Stockport, Greater Manchester, as well as ten more for the social housing provider Stockport Homes.


Solarcrown Commercial says its clients are turning to solar PV electricity generation to boost household self-sufficiency, independence from utilities and peace of mind for householders. In addition, building integrated solar (BIPV) is proving to be popular as the panels which sit within the roofline remove the “added-on” look of more traditional roof mounted solar.


Solarcrown Commercial’s range of integrated PV modules and flashings, available in black, red and terracotta, can be deployed within a single face or incline, or as an entire roof.


In addition to the aesthetic benefits of these systems, the company added that they reach minimum carbon compliance standards without the need for special insulation or windows often required to reach ‘passive building’ energy standards. This, Solarcrown Commercial claims, provides builders and developers with an ideal carbon offsetting tool for securing planning approval.