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Installation Of Solar Photovoltaic Bracket Options?

Sep 06, 2016

(1) bracket: front, rear pillar bolt hole has been placed in the concrete foundation construction is completed on the anchor bolts; check before, after the column is correct; before and after adjustment column and the longitudinal centerline (concrete foundation ) strut centerline axis coincides with the water level or horizontal pipe measure to adjust the level of the posterior columns, the adjustment of the vertical column with a plumb bob. If the pile surface elevation deviations with the front and rear column spacer pad level and then tighten the anchor bolts. Pad must be welded to the front and rear pedestal base. Check the bottom bracket flatness and diagonal error. And adjust the front and rear beam sure that the error within the specified range, the fastening bolt with a wrench.

(2) Installation beam: according to design requirements pitch, tip length determining beam position, beam bolt, so smooth vertical and horizontal, reliable connection. In order to ensure the beam is fixed panels Founder, should be regulated in advance of the beam side, diagonal measurement adjustments to ensure that diagonal deviations within the tolerances allowed.

(3) Install rear pillar oblique rod, column oblique rod, rod bolts fastening the entire stent components maintain a uniform force.

Jiangyin solar stent plant to remind you that in the process of installation and construction of photovoltaic array holder base and the bracket, we should try to avoid damage to buildings and related ancillary facilities, if forced to cause local damage due to construction needs, should be repaired after the end of construction, when necessary, to do water treatment