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Most Of India PV Industry Import From China And United States

Aug 30, 2017

According to India's "Economic Times" news, India is currently about 300 million people without electricity available, mainly concentrated in rural areas, the power shortage to the economic losses associated with its GDP of about 7%. To this end, the Indian government has been committed to improving the power supply problem, but still has not improved because of the coal shortage, transmission losses, theft and other reasons. Since the incumbent President Moody's in Gujarat achieved adequate power supply stability through solar energy, India urgently proposed to achieve renewable energy transformation, such as the recent closure of more than 14Gw of large coal power generation projects and some mines, and these power supply gap Will be filled by solar photovoltaic power generation.


In the planning perspective, India plans to finish the PV installed capacity of 100 million kilowatts (100Gw) in 2022, this target is five times of the  former governments’; The renewable energy target raise from 6% to 15% up to 2020. However, India currently does not have a complete photovoltaic industry chain, the crystalline silicon cells totally import from China, and even the establishment of battery and component production line also needs China's help. In 2016, among the top ten suppliers of PV modules in India, 8 of them are from China, of which about 75% of the installed capacity of the PV is Chinese products, 15% from the US and the rest are provided by local manufacturers.


As a result, India has introduced a series of industrial protection policies to promote the transformation of local PV companies that have long relied on imports. At the end of July, India launched anti-dumping investigations on photovoltaic cells and components imported from mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia. At present, China's photovoltaic industry occupies a leading position in the global industry chain, India in the case of poor basic power and photovoltaic industry fall behind, that rely solely on protective policy to get rid of China's dependence, and to achieve energy transformation seems much difficult.


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