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Mounting Structure Component Form

Jul 10, 2017

Mounting Structure Component Form

Mounting structure The structure of the steel structure is the framework, Mounting structure combined with the component form, weight, Mounting structure location and construction site of the actual situation and the scene set the lifting crane crane performance parameters, the use of integrated installation method.

Plant frame column, Mounting structure beam and other components are lighter weight, lifting the main use of NK250 25t car crane hanging in place.

Steel structure hoisting with "the first middle, Mounting structure after the outside, the first column after the beam, the first on the next" principle. Mounting structure In the middle of the plant in the middle of the formation of a stable frame system, and then to the ends of the propulsion, symmetrically installed the rest of the steel column, Mounting structure steel beam components.

Anchor bolts re-test → steel components unloading → component approach inspection → car hanging directly hoisting in place → anchor bolts temporary tightening → cable rope temporary pull solid → steel column axis position, vertical adjustment → steel bolt and Column column pressure plate fastening, welding → the next steel column installation → steel column between the tie bar installation → the formation of the first stable grid system → steel roof frame ground assembled into a whole and double lift in place to form the first steel roof truss → Both sides of the symmetrical installation of the column, roof truss system → ... ... → and so on → installation completed, structural acceptance.

The support between the column and the steel column is made by means of the joint connection of the joint plate and the welding connection. Mounting structure The installation and the installation error of the steel column may have a great influence on the installation of the column. Mounting structure The inter-column support is transported to the factory after the whole assembly. To install. The support between the pillars is lighter and can be lifted with a 25t truck crane.

When lifting, divided into three monomers 1,2,3 were hoisting. Three monomers are flat truss structure, hoisting as a whole hoisting. Install the first installation of 3, and then pull the chain hoist pulled to the steel column temporary fixed, and then install 1, Mounting structure connect 3 and 1 nodes, remove the chain hoist, the final installation 2. The overall lifting of the three single trusses with 25T car hanging 4 point hoisting.

The longest steel frame is 56 meters long. In order to prevent the long steel frame from being deformed during the lifting process, the hoisting of the longer members takes the double lifting, the four-point hoisting method, the four-point hoisting, Point distance to ensure that about 6 meters, Mounting structure so lifting process can achieve uniform force in the steel frame, in the lifting process can maintain the design size, in line with regulatory requirements.

Roof steel girder in place after the hook should be connected to the relevant roof steel purlins, etc., so that the formation of a space frame of the stable structure. Mounting structure If you can not install the roof steel purlins before the hook, in order to prevent the roof frame beam twist, should pull cable rope. Mounting structure Cable wind rope in the hoisting before the fixed to the roof girder, Mounting structure a total of four, Mounting structure pull the location of the steel beam in the length of 1/3, Mounting structure the following pull in the vicinity of the steel column feet. Cable wind rope selection Ф13.5mm, use 1T hand chain hoist tension.