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Mounting Structure Force Requirements

Nov 03, 2017

Stone railings, installed on the base around the bridge on both sides of the stairs on both sides of the pillars columns, pavilions and other places around the stone carved railings, Mounting structure the main function is to play a protective role, but also can be used to partition the space . Especially in the garden architecture, stone railings are the most essential, both can block the enclosure, will be separated from the different areas; will not cut off the link between the regions, carved patterns on the railing also played a decorative environment Role.

1, processed stone railings components without cracks, Mounting structure hidden, stains, red and white lines, stone and other defects. Available hammer carefully knocking stone railings components, if the clang sound, that is, there are cracked stone parapets railings components; Mounting structure if the sound of the horn, it indicates that there are hidden.

2, stone railings components should be in line with the components of the force requirements, the stone should be horizontal to the column, columns, columns should be vertical. Mounting structure Stone railings components varieties, quality, processing standards, size specifications, labeling, color should meet the design requirements, with the appearance of certification and acceptance reports.

3, check the stone railings mortise length meets the design requirements. Mounting structure If no specific requirements of the design, the general tenon length of not less than 60mm.

4, check the staircase stairs, corners, arcs or other shaped stone railings are lofted according to the requirements of drawings, processing of shaped parts and angle control accuracy.

5, check the stone railings railings on the number markings, Mounting structure such as the number is not complete, not obvious, should be supplemented, so as not to pretend to be wrong.

1, the installation of stone railings railing, stone column railings should also be drawn according to the rules line, according to the line installation, Mounting structure installation of stone railings railing should be installed in the stone railings column and stone railings ram stone pop-up construction centerline and both sides Edge line, check elevation. Stone railings railing location line put finished, according to the pre-painted stone railings fence plank installation.

2, before installation of stone railings railing, the stone columns and railings railing stone columns on the large mortise, dimple nest clean, brush a layer of water cement ratio of 0.5 for the water slurry, then installed to ensure the stone railings There is no gap between the fence and the fence railings.

3, stone railings railing handling, Mounting structure it is necessary to force each rope at the same time, and carefully check the location of the force of stone slowly after the place, will pick out the site on the temporary support.

4, when the stone railings railing installed in place, carefully check with the control line, if there is a shift should point pry home, the components adjusted to the correct position.

5, such as the gap between the larger stones can be hooked at the joints Glue marble glue, marble glue color should be adjusted according to the color of the stone, Mounting structure the use of white cement color to achieve the best results; such as the gap is very thin,Mounting structure should be Glue ointment or gypsum; if the design is specified according to the design instructions.

6, gray joints should be hooked with the stone components, Mounting structure shall not be hooked concave. Gray joints should be straight, firm, smooth. After the installation of stone balustrade, there are local uneven,Mounting structure you can play or chop ax, stone surface wash.