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Mounting Structure Increasingly Widespread

Aug 16, 2017

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, large-span grid structure in the construction of the increasingly widespread use. It is a new type of steel structure, Mounting structure reasonable force, the total light, low cost and shape lively and innovative, but also has good stability and safety. The emergence of grid structure has aroused great concern, its unique appearance, Mounting structure highlighting the characteristics of human art creativity. The grid structure satisfies the requirements of people's living and living environment. It provides people with more coverage space. Therefore, it is adopted by more and more steel structures. In particular, large-scale cultural and sports centers use grid Structural engineering, domestic representative buildings are: Shanghai Stadium, Mounting structure Shanghai swimming pool, Liaoning Stadium are unique style. The structure of these novel, Mounting structure the overall magnificent, and the venue did not set a pillar, vision, people relaxed and happy.

 The installation method of the truss structure should be based on the structure of the grid structure, in the quality, safety, progress and economic conditions, combined with the local construction technology to determine the comprehensive conditions, the specific structure of the grid structure are: high altitude Bulk method, sub-section or block installation method, high-altitude slip method, the overall lifting method, Mounting structure the overall lifting method, the overall jacking method; no matter what kind of installation method, Mounting structure in the formal construction should be tested before trial and install, Mounting structure to determine Correct, but also meet the design requirements and then the formal construction.

According to the hydraulic schematic diagram of the frog leg, the two-way hydraulic lock 8 is installed on the upper end of the front leg. Therefore, the tightening degree of the fixing bolts must be the same. Otherwise, it will damage the seal ring and oil leakage. Its role is: to prevent the crane when the legs self-retracting; to prevent the crane during driving or parked legs automatically fall. In the H-type leg of the hydraulic system, there is no diversion valve and a valve, the legs can be a separate action, the ground adaptability is good, Mounting structure but the situation is similar to the frog-type legs

In the case of a heavy crane load, the lifting weight is behind the car, higher than the leg. At this time people in the car behind the leg to see the legs, if the situation, Mounting structure the horizontal distance is greater than the thickness of the body board 2 above the metal plate, or legs when the crawling phenomenon if the leg must be removed for testing, If there is a deep groove on the board or serious damage, it is necessary to check the tiger to replace the new legs, or welding parts of the welding. The cost of welding the legs is low and is suitable for use.