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Mounting Structure Rapid Development

Oct 10, 2017

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the large-span truss structure has been widely used in construction engineering. It is a new type of steel structure, with reasonable force, light weight, low cost and lively and novel appearance, and good stability and safety. The emergence of the grid structure has aroused great concern, its unique appearance and shape, highlighting the characteristics of human artistic creativity. The grid structure satisfies people's requirement for living and living environment, Mounting structure it provides people with greater coverage space, so more and more steel structures used in the construction, especially the large-scale cultural and sports center of the majority of the use of grid structure engineering, domestic representative buildings are: Shanghai Gymnasium, Shanghai Natatorium, Liaoning Gymnasium are elegant. These structures are novel in appearance, the whole magnificent and magnificent, and there is no pillar in the field, open vision, make people relaxed and happy.

The installation method of the grid structure should be based on the structural shape of the force of the grid frame, under the condition of satisfying the quality, Mounting structure safety, schedule and economic effect, combined with the local construction technical conditions, the concrete installation methods of the grid structure are: High altitude bulk method, the section or the block installation method, the high altitude slip method, the whole hoisting method, the whole lifting method, The whole lifting method, no matter what kind of installation method, before the formal construction should be tested and test installation, to determine the correct, at the same time meet the design requirements of the formal construction. 

A method of using a small unit or a part (a single stick piece and a single node) directly in the design position. Suitable for various types of bolting joints, especially suitable for lifting difficulties, its construction focus is to determine the reasonable assembling sequence, control the elevation and axis position.

Refers to the network frame divided into strips or block units by lifting equipment hoisting to the high altitude design position in place, and then into the overall installation method. It is suitable for the mesh frame with smaller stiffness and less force condition, Mounting structure such as two-direction orthogonal square cone, forward-moving four-corner cone and so on. This kind of installation method is helpful to improve the engineering quality and save most of the assembling bracket.