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Mounting Structure Simple Structure

Jul 21, 2017

The rotary switch is also essentially a knife switch, Mounting structure except that the operating handle of the general knife switch is rotated up or down in a plane perpendicular to the mounting surface, and the operating handle of the rotary switch is in a position parallel to its mounting surface In the plane, turn left and right. Mounting structure It can be used to connect or disconnect the circuit, exchange power or load, Mounting structure measure the three-phase voltage, control the use of small and medium motor reversal.

There are many series of switch, here only introduced the unified design of the product HZ10 series. It has the advantages of long life, reliable use, simple structure, etc. It is suitable for the introduction of AC power of 50 Hz, 380 volts, DC 220V and below, direct start of small capacity motor of 5 kilowatts,Mounting structure positive and reverse control of motor and machine Lighting control circuit, Mounting structure but the number of conversions per hour should not exceed 15 to 20 times.

The installation method of the truss structure should be based on the structure of the grid structure, in the quality, safety, progress and economic conditions, combined with the local construction technology to determine the comprehensive conditions, Mounting structure the specific structure of the grid structure are: high altitude Bulk method, sub-section or block installation method, high-altitude slip method, Mounting structure the overall lifting method, the overall lifting method, the overall jacking method; no matter what kind of installation method, in the formal construction should be tested before trial and install, Mounting structure to determine Correct, but also meet the design requirements and then the formal construction.

Refers to the small units or parts (single rod and a single node) directly in the design of the total location of the method, applicable to the bolt connection node of the various types of grid, Mounting structure especially for the lifting of the difficult situation, its construction The focus is to determine a reasonable order of assembly, control the elevation and the location of the axis.

Means that the grid is divided into strip or block units were lifted by the lifting equipment to the high-altitude design position in place, and then into the overall installation method. It is suitable for the grid with smaller change in stiffness and force after division, such as two-way orthorhombic quadrangular pyramid and positive evacuation pyramid. This installation method is conducive to improving the quality of the project, Mounting structure and can save most of the assembly bracket.

Refers to the strip of the grid unit in the pre-set on the slide on a single (or one by one) slip to the design position into the overall installation method. Applicable to put the four pyramids, is the evacuation of the four corners, Mounting structure two orthogonal orthogonal pyramidal pyramid and so on. Slip the sliding unit should ensure that it becomes a geometric invariant system.

Refers to the grid on the ground after the total fight, Mounting structure with lifting equipment to lift the construction method in place. The overall grid of welding work on the ground, better to ensure the quality of construction, this method applies to all types of grid, lifting can be in the high-altitude translation or rotation in place.

Refers to the structure of the column to install the equipment, Mounting structure will be on the ground to make a good grid on the construction method. Mounting structure The overall lifting method of the grid can be installed on the structure to enhance the equipment to enhance the grid, but also in the construction of the column synovial membrane while lifting the grid. Mounting structure Applicable to the surrounding support and multi-point support grid, Mounting structure available lift board machine, hydraulic jack and other small equipment for construction.

Refers to the ground in the design location will be assembled into a whole grid, and then jack will rise to the design of the height of the lifting method. Mounting structure Suitable for multi-point support grids with fewer fulcrums.