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Mounting Structure The Continuous Development

Jul 31, 2017

At present, with the continuous development of China's modernization, Mounting structure building facilities and facilities supporting a more comprehensive, more mature technology, Mounting structure the construction industry has been an unprecedented prosperity. Building electrical facilities in the construction process plays a very important role, is a very important part of construction, Mounting structure in the specific construction has a wide range of applications. The author combined with years of work experience, the construction of electrical installation and structure with the relevant content of a detailed introduction to further elaborate the construction of electrical facilities embedded processing methods and construction technology, Mounting structure hope that the construction of the field of research a little help.

Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid economic development, Mounting structure scientific and technological level of continuous progress, people's living standards are also rising, building electrical system supporting the construction of more and more people's attention. In the building technology continues to improve, Mounting structure infrastructure construction continues to improve today, Mounting structure electrical construction will undoubtedly become an important topic of common concern. The improvement and improvement of electrical facilities can effectively improve people's living environment and improve people's quality of life, and with the rapid development of modern electronics industry and the rise of large-scale intelligent building, Mounting structure advanced science and technology has been widely applied to the building Electrical system installation and construction to enhance the use of building structure function. At the same time, the increasing complexity of the construction electrical system also put forward higher requirements for the construction quality of the construction, which greatly increased the construction difficulty of the construction project, especially in the construction of the electrical installation and structure , Mounting structure To its construction quality to strictly control, and to solve the problem of structural parts embedded, optimize the construction process arrangements, strengthen the process control projection, Mounting structure improve the quality of construction. If the construction process, the construction technical staff of its construction quality control is not strict, it is likely to appear the quality of construction electrical construction problems, the quality of building electrical installation works have a very serious impact, thus affecting the normal use of the building function , On people's daily life and office adversely affected.

Therefore, Mounting structure as an important part of the construction and installation works, Mounting structure the construction of electrical construction and other professional, Mounting structure especially with the structural coordination between the professional, should be given enough attention to the construction of electrical installation and structure and embedded processing methods such as construction technology Aspects of the discussion and research is very necessary.

With the maturity of building technology, building lightning protection design and construction measures have also been a very good development, Mounting structure and achieved good practical results. Mounting structure In the modern building design and construction process, follow the "building lightning protection design specifications" in the relevant requirements, the building should be used as much as possible the building metal conductor as lightning protection device, building structure pile, beam,Mounting structure The column is the best choice for lightning protection grounding, should try to consider the use of these components as lightning protection grounding. But there are many designers in order to simplify the design process, Mounting structure reduce the difficulty of construction, still take the traditional lightning protection design method, that is, the building has been built on the addition of lightning protection devices.

It can be seen that the design of pure copper mine lightning protection design method makes the architectural design more systematic, the construction is more simple, but in the safety and beauty of the effect to be greatly reduced, and the design of a dedicated lightning protection device waste , Mounting structure Can not meet the actual requirements of green building. Practice has proved that, compared with the traditional building lightning protection design, the use of structural steel structures in the mine design is more safe and reliable, beautiful and practical. Therefore, Mounting structure before the construction of the structure, Mounting structure should do a good job of lightning protection grounding, lead wire and other selection and location of the selection, with the structure of construction, timely to burial, lightning protection, connection point identification, lightning protection Testing and so on to ensure that the specification is met.