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Mounting Structure The Installation Method

Oct 25, 2017

The installation method of the grid structure should be based on the structural shape of the force of the grid frame, under the condition of satisfying the quality, safety, schedule and economic effect, Mounting structure combined with the local construction technical conditions, the concrete installation methods of the grid structure are: High altitude bulk method, the section or the block installation method, Mounting structure the high altitude slip method, the whole hoisting method, the whole lifting method, The whole lifting method, no matter what kind of installation method, before the formal construction should be tested and test installation, to determine the correct, at the same time meet the design requirements of the formal construction.

A method of using a small unit or a part (a single stick piece and a single node) directly in the design position. Suitable for various types of bolting joints, Mounting structure especially suitable for lifting difficulties, its construction focus is to determine the reasonable assembling sequence, control the elevation and axis position.

Refers to the network frame divided into strips or block units by lifting equipment hoisting to the high altitude design position in place, and then into the overall installation method. Mounting structure It is suitable for the mesh frame with smaller stiffness and less force condition, such as two-direction orthogonal square cone, forward-moving four-corner cone and so on. This kind of installation method is helpful to improve the engineering quality and save most of the assembling bracket.

means the installation method of a single (or one-way) slide of the grid unit of the bar to the design position. Suitable for the four corners of the square cone, the four corners of the square cone, the two-direction orthogonal square cone and so on. Sliding-slip units should be guaranteed to be geometric invariant systems.

First of all, to ensure the quality of steel and welding material clearance, from the source to start; At the beginning of the design, the welding joint was optimized, Mounting structure and the narrow gap groove welding technology was adopted. The welding temperature, the interlayer temperature and the heat temperature are effectively controlled by the CO2 gas shielded welding, and the weld quality can be ensured by assembling the reverse deformation, setting up temporary rigid support, The measures of initiating fire correction ensure the fabrication accuracy of the joints, reduce the welding deformation, and decrease the residual stress of the components by means of the vibration aging (VSR) and sand-flushing process.

All the components are installed on site 3 cranes, Mounting structure steel columns in accordance with $number layer section, the whole lifting of steel girders, strengthen the truss all parts hoisting;

In order to ensure the accuracy of production, strengthen the truss layer need to be assembled in the factory;

Components (all numbered) shipped to the site,Mounting structure stacked in the designated yard, on-site configuration 80t car hoists and flatbed trailers for the unloading and transshipment components;

Adjacent to the north-south and east of the building to set up the lifting area, the area needs to be strengthened