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Mounting Structure Thickness Requirements

Jun 27, 2017

The processing of the bar is an important link in the construction process of the grid. The thickness of the steel pipe, the thickness of the sealing plate or cone, Mounting structure and the thickness of the weld seam determine the final length of the bar, and the length of the pipe length is controlled by the length of the pipe length, the thickness of the pipe or the thickness of the cone But also determines the thickness of the weld seam, the weld is too large or too small have a direct impact on the connection strength of the bar. Mounting structure Therefore, in the specific construction process should be for different welding parts and weld thickness requirements of the control of steel pipe cutting size, which requires the same specifications of the bar first to produce "sample rod", so as to achieve the size of the modified cutting purpose. Another aspect of the control of the bar is the point of verticality of the face, and the verticality of the face determines the size of the contact between the bar and the bolt. Mounting structure In the case of a pressurized bar in a lattice, the bar is often eccentric under the action of the actual carrying capacity, and the individual members make it impossible for the bar to fully exert its own performance and produce deformation. Component structure will reduce the safety of the grid. This requires that the rod at both ends of the welding before the temporary "pole" to strengthen the parallel inspection, which "on the pole platform" inspection is also essential. The "pole platform" should make the components of the rods free and independent of each other, so that the "pole" can achieve better results. Each bar should be checked for whether it is bent or not. So "work on the pole" is a very critical job. Should not blindly pursue the speed, Mounting structure so as to avoid the follow-up work caused a lot of hidden dangers or lead to unnecessary rework.

Bar steel pipe and sealing plate or cone welding may occur in various forms of quality defects, such as welding, welding holes, undercut, Mounting structure welding impermeable, Mounting structure uneven weld, etc., should be based on different defects analysis reasons, The reasons for the formation of one by one rectification. After practice summary, the formation of the above quality defects of the main reasons

In addition, the quality of the electrode, Mounting structure storage time and baking conditions are also important aspects of the quality of the weld. After welding the weld should be in the normal temperature of the natural cooling, to ensure that the weld material is stable.

Bar rust to ensure that the design to ensure that the level of the provisions of the rust for the heavy pipe and the storage time is too long to be the second shot, Mounting structure in the rust at the same time the appearance of inspection, whether the existence of the bar itself defect. Rusty shelves should not be too close, so as to effectively ensure a full range of spray rust.

The paint is the final step in the formation of the grid bar. Paint is generally not allowed in the appearance of the phenomenon of falling, Mounting structure spraying to be uniform, Mounting structure can not be through the end. To ensure that the first pass in the paint after the second paint on the second.

In addition, the process of the rod bar at the same time to the bolts, sleeves to carry out the necessary visual inspection, bolts to Rockwell hardness testing, Mounting structure bar weld according to the specifications and batches to do the test, the electrode into the plant before the reliable Sex test, Mounting structure finished rod assembly to do the tensile test and so on.