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Overview Solar Stand

Sep 06, 2016

Solar Mounting the name suggests is an integral part of the solar stent plant products for the solar energy company in accordance with the use of stents can be divided into solar thermal bracket that is (solar water heaters stent) and solar photovoltaic bracket

Solar stent solar water tank supporting elements, it is an important part of solar energy plays an important role in the promotion of solar energy in the process.

Today, solar energy is becoming stent developed a separate small industry, production of solar stent more and more enterprises, making the stent division independent from the solar water heater industry. In the course of the popularity of solar water heaters, solar stent has played an important role as one of the important parameters of people to buy solar water heaters.

In some of the daily wind larger areas, especially in coastal areas, in the purchase of household solar water heater should also be noted that whether the product is designed to wind resistance. Generally better quality of solar water heaters, solar stent is used in its aluminum frame, thick and firm.