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Paid Attention To The Installation And Maintenance Of Photovoltaic Stents.

Mar 28, 2018

In the application of photovoltaic stents, most concerns about the rationality of photovoltaic stents are rarely paid attention to the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic stents.

The installation and maintenance of PV brackets must be divided into specific occasions. Different occasions require different requirements. This is a need for attention because the company mainly produces solar PV system brackets. Therefore, the application and installation and maintenance of a PV bracket are introduced here. Note:

The choice of materials in the photovoltaic stent industry is very noteworthy. Alloy materials and steel materials are usually bent out. The quality requirements first need to meet some of the quality of the material, such as air bubbles, cracks, impurities, and delamination. And so on, photovoltaic stents, there is the need for the rust level of the steel needs in the bracket applications within the standard, especially in the coating requirements of steel to meet the requirements of rust, a written certificate of quality assurance, in order to avoid There are many problems in the future.

 When installing, it is necessary to make a mark on the installation site and where it needs attention. After laying the construction road, you can avoid direct contact with the PV system during future maintenance. Pay attention to some important principles such as the connection between the bracket and the steel plate. Positionally, check whether the entire structure of the photovoltaic support system is corroded, or parts are missing or missing. Need to seal and other places pay attention to its degree of sealing, repair if necessary

Photovoltaic stents generally use high-strength galvanized steel strands for lightning conductors. Photovoltaic stent lightning protection lines for individual lines or line segments due to special needs, sometimes with a package of steel stranded wire, ACSR or aluminum-magnesium alloy stranded wire and other good conductors. Photovoltaic supports adopt good conductors as lightning protection lines, so the line investment is relatively high, so it is rarely used. Photovoltaic stents are galvanized steel strands, easy to process, small solar photovoltaic stents, easy to supply, cheap, so they are widely used.

Our factory specializes in providing photovoltaic supports, hillside solar photovoltaic supports, photovoltaic stents, and aluminum alloy solar photovoltaic supports. It is not restricted by the terrain and has no influence on surrounding buildings. For more information on the lightning protection line of the PV bracket, please contact us:info@sunforson.com, HP/whatsapp:+8613559903613